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Awesome Blogs <3

Especially the first one. Today will be no exception.

Well I wasn’t going to go to the mall before work but yeah #VictoriasSecret

Welp time to start the day ^__^

Oh so yummy 😊 😊 #DaveAndBusters #PanamaCityBeach #Watermelon #Margarita #SnowCone #IBeThirsty (at Pier Park)

Late birthday gift 😊 😊 people just know me. #VictoriasSecret #Pink #Victoria

shopping for a new car is fun but not fun at the same time. I want to buy a 2015 car but I want to pay the price of a 1995 car. The struggle. So real. 

Hmm 66° right now. I like it. #CuteCardiganTemperature #VSPink


Don’t mind if I do.

just pay for my tuition thats all 

Yay cool temperature :) #FortWaltonBeach #VSPink #VictoriasSecretPink

#SesameStreet and the #USO making a stop to put on a show again this year. I would’ve gotten closer but I didn’t >__< #EglinAirForceBase #EglinAFB