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Victoria just knows….
I’m sure getting this :) #VictoriasSecret #FreeTote



Try me.

Bitch I dare you

I was emptying out my carry on bag and I found this #gold #VictoriasSecret tote at the bottom. I forgot I had it. The first free tote that started it all. #SupermodelTote #AlessandraAmbrosio

I’m gonna be one busy busy bee :)

Money time
#RedLightSpecial #bwwm

I’m pretty sure I want to go #BlueBlack with my hair.

Since I’ll be close enough….. sure why not. Only 3 more work days then vacation :) #SenorFrogs #MyrtleBeach

I actually check my #RetailMeNot coupons app and then my email coupons and then paper coupons and then try to get them to price match before I say no. #ShoppingDoneRight

Some of the news articles on this site though. #Watermelon #Connecticut #Divorce